May 18, 2024

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The Course of Action You Should Take When Someone Has Scammed You

One of the biggest dilemmas that people face is when they want to start trading but can’t do so because of the fear of being scammed. However, what’s even bigger dilemma and trouble for them is when someone has scammed them and the victim does not know what to do. Are you faced with such a situation? Did you sign up with an online trading platform only to find out later that they scammed you and took your money?

If you are facing such a situation, you don’t have to be under the impression that you can’t do anything about it. Take the right course of action and you can get your money back into your account.

Confirm That It’s a Scam

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that you have really signed up with a scam. Sometimes, you can make a judgment too quickly. Perhaps, you had an issue with your trading account e.g. the money did not appear in your account after you deposited it, and you thought the company was scamming you. That’s not always true. It is quite a common happening if you look into it. Your bank can take some time in transferring funds to your online trading account, especially if you have performed a bank wire transfer. In that case, it can take a week for the money to appear in your trading account.

Once you have gotten that out of the way, you can check out the forex broker blacklist to make sure that your broker is not on that list. There are other types of lists on the internet too, such as the ones that will tell you about Bitcoin trading robot scams specifically. Use those resources to confirm the true status of your broker.

Contact Money Recovery Service

At this point, you have gone through the process of confirming the scam. If you are sure that you have given your money to a scam, you can now move on to the next step. This is the most important step in which you will contact the company that can get you your money back. It might be hard to believe but you can now get your money back through money recovery services. They have lawyers, financial experts, and other analysts on the team that can help put the pressure on the scammer. Under the pressure of legal action, the scammers usually return the money.

These companies also get in touch with the banks that were involved in the transaction. This is to ensure that the banks are aware of the situation and they should be doing something about it too. At the same time, you have to make sure that you communicate all the details of the happening as accurately as possible. Don’t hide any piece of data because that can work against you.

Be Patient and Realistic

Stay in touch with the company that’s working on your case. Don’t panic and keep contacting other companies for help. If you involve too many parties, you will make a mess of the situation. The police can’t do much about a crime that is purely digital in nature. Even the Interpol will not help you on this matter. The best bet you have is of the company that you have chosen for money recovery.

They will personally get involved in the process and help you get the money back. You have to be patient for the results. It can take anywhere from a week to a month or more before your money is recovered and put back into your banking account.

Final Thoughts

Once you have contacted the company, you are not required to get in touch with the broker yourself. It will not help you in any way. They will not pick up your call or even if they do, they will not entertain any requests from you. What they needed from you they have already obtained it. Cooperate with the team at the money recovery service and be patient. 

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